Industrial Chic Wedding Decor Ideas photography by Bellafotografica and a few How-To’s

Bringing you another “Whimsical” post!
Those that know me personally know I am highly motivated, and that I have serious inability to sit still. Oh and I like to stretch the boundaries of creativity…slightly

I feel like I grow more and more each day with ideas I want to bring to YOU, my reader.  I love love love rackin my brain for new ways to use something uncoventionally or just plain different. I enjoy coming up with ideas that could or could not be accepted as interesting or just plain pretty, this next post is definately a gamble!

That being said…enter the “Indutrial Chic Shoot”

I absolutely adore how this came together… I started on an aisle at Lowe’s,  the aisle with the pipe fittings, and you better believe I had a taper candle in my purse ready and waiting to measure for the correct size of pipe to put together a couple of candlesticks!

After several minutes of digging through those small boxes to find the perfect pieces to fit together, my candlesticks were two things…custom and unique!

Custom candlestick out of pipes and fittings

After the the piping aisle…I skipped on over to lumber area (bet your wondering if I really skipped) There I found 3.5 inch by 4ft planks of wood, I actually laid them out on the ground to figure out the width I wanted because I wanted to build the table top…I knew that I wanted to “beat up” the wood and then stain it, but I still needed some kind of metal to be incorporated for that “industrial” story I wanted to tell…so from the lumber section, I found the aisle with the galvenized metal sheets which also had some metal brackets of sorts, that I would use metal screws and secure the ends fastening the pieces of wood together lenthwise…

Custom industrial tabletop

For the legs of the table, I wanted metal sawhorses, which would most definately attribute to my “outside the box” look…

To accompany the table set-up I wanted to have something incorporating chalkboard paint! I have always wanted an excuse to buy some! For the “seating chart” I took a piece of plywood 2ft X 4ft and simply painted it with chalkboard paint (FYI the paint is not cheap!) After several coats and drying time, I needed a frame, just simple pieces of wood I cute the edges down and secured with the same heavy bulky screws as the table!

For the floral “containers” I found some silver paint cans and air conditioning ducts like $3 a piece!

Industrial floral containers!

To tie in with the chalkboard seating chart, I painted some wood chargers with the paint and wrote a “guest” name and topped with a clear glass plate, the glasses also incorporated the same paint!

Chalkboard paint makes its way to dinnerware

Below are some more of my favorites from Allen’s beautiful photography!

Below are my snapsnots in “creating” phase!


Hope you have enjoyed a different way to look at ordinary objects, I hope the next time you head to your favorite home improvemement store you get a little spark of creativity!

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